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Safita, Syria: is one of the ancient cities in the country. On your tours of Syria, make sure that you undertake a trip to the small towns and cities within the country. Among them Safita is one of the finest tourist destinations in Syria and travelers are recommended to visit this place. Safita, is one of the ancient historical cities in the country and worth visiting.

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Safita is a municipality in the Tartus prefecture of Syria. It lies in the mountains near the Mediterranean Sea in altitude between 300 and 400 metres. The town of Safita occupies the tops of three hills and the valleys between them. These hills are part of the coastal mountain ranges of Syria.

The municipality of Safita has more than 35.000 residents. This population lives in the centre of the town and in 89 villages and 49 settlements in the around region. If we also include the residents of the near town of Mashta and 46 villages and 20 settlements around it, the total number will be 135 villages and 69 settlements with 166.000 population.

The buildings of Safita were made of limestone rocks found in abundance in the around region. The houses have tall ceilings, small windows and tiled roofs. Around them wide gardens, narrow slip roads and alleys constitute traditional architectural characteristics of the town. The houses lie amphitheatrically around the tower which dominates in the tallest point of the town. The location of Safita was wisely selected so that one can see the view to the four horizons at a distance of tens of kilometres.

Chastel Blanc (called by the natives, 'the White tower') was built by the Knights Templar on already existing fortifications. There were other fortifications in Safita in addition to the tower, however, the tower is the only fortification that has lasted all this time even surviving an earthquake in 1202. The tower was built on the highest of Safita's three hills, and offers a commanding view of the surrounding countryside. It has a height of 30 meters, a width of 50 meters, a length of 70 meters.

Weather in Safita is good most of the time and the four seasons last roughly the same. The winter is cold and temperatures occasionally approach 0 ºC, there is enough humidity in the summer with temperatures around 37 ºC and the annual rainfall ranges from 1500 to 1700 mm.

The visitors of Safita can easily notice the politeness and the kindness of the people. Although they belong in different religions and sects, their social relations are good, they are dressed the same way and have common folkways. All the residents participate in the feasts of their compatriots as well as in eachother's sad and happy circumstances. They are virtuous, responsible and simple and have also good manners.

One of their habits is a warm welcome to any visitor, as they open their hearts before their houses, where the hospitality has no limits. An old habit that they kept up to our days is a walk in the streets from 9 to 10 in the evening, which is an excellent opportunity for social contacts.

The region had human settlements since the Phoenician era.

The castle of Safita constituted one of the defensive centres that were scattered in the coastal mountain ranges up to the Syrian-Turkish borders. Other such castles were the castle of Hesn or castle of the Knights (Crac des Chevalieurs), the castle of Suleyman, the castle of Markeb and others that formed a strategic line of defence. Fire signals were used to warn for the appearance of the enemy.

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